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Ashley Tidwell

Owner | Wedding + Event Planner

My passion for wedding planning started when I was a little girl.  When my friends were dreaming about the day that they would walk down the aisle, I was dreaming about the day that I would cue them to do it!  I love making lists, making time and making order out of chaos.  I am inspired by the beauty of details and appreciate unique ideas. 

My background is in catering. I was Catering Manager for a popular BBQ restaurant for nearly a decade.  I made connections with vendors and helped plan weddings for countless couples.  The knowledge that I gained was invaluable and plays a part in every event that I plan and coordinate.  In 2014, I decided to make my dream a reality and launched Sweet James Events. I've been busy with happy couples ever since!

People often ask, why the name "Sweet James Events?" Well...naming a business is HARD! So, I decided to go with what inspires me most, my family. My INCREDIBLE husband, Jamey, and our 3 amazing kids, Cade, Rylan and Maci, who are all coined with the middle name "James." They are my world.  I wouldn't be living this dream without my sweet James' by my side.

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